About the Book

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A child’s alphabet book, visitor’s guide and keepsake, history primer, or coffee table book—which best describes The ABC’s of Philadelphia? The answer, of course, is all of these at once. Greg Landry’s crisp text and Robert Hochgertel’s vibrant illustrations combine to bring the diverse pleasures of this great city to life on every page.

Philadelphia appears here in its many familiar manifestations—fount of our nation’s history; center of commerce, medicine, and education; home to athletes and the arts; even pop-culture icon—but freshly imagined. Each exquisite panel is a small world in itself, inviting us to walk where William Penn first set foot, to look over the shoulders of the signers of the Constitution, to feel the beat and buzz of the neighborhoods.

How well do you really know Philadelphia? Whether you are a native or an occasional visitor, whatever your age, you are sure to see the city with new eyes. Just begin at A.

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